How To Make Password Visible in Form of Text;-)   3 comments

So you went to
your friend’s house,
thought of some
mischief and tried to
copy the password
which came by auto-fill in some sites, but you were not able to copy the password, and got trolled by the website’s
security! No more!
Here’s a way you can
make those asterisks(*)
appears as the original
password, every
time you try!
First of all –
I’m not responsible of
what you do or cause
any damage to
Okay, so here are the
steps and things needed

1. Chrome or Firefox
with Firebug installed.
(Chrome doesn’t need
any plugin.)
2. Your friend in toilet or anywhere else.
Step 1 : Go to the site of which you want to
tweak. The auto-fill will automatically fill the
username and
password field.
Step 2 : Right Click in the
Password box and click
on “Inspect Element”.
Step 3 : The Chrome Dev
tools or the Firebug
windows will appear,
this line will
be highlighted by
default –
Step 4 : In the beginning
it there will be a code
“type=”password” “,
double-click thecode
and change it to
“type=”text” ” and hit
Step 5 : Now the
password will be visible
to you and whenever
your friend types the
password there, it will
still appear as text!
Step 6 : Thats All…yolo

Posted December 18, 2012 by dennoh kay in Internet Tricks

3 responses to “How To Make Password Visible in Form of Text;-)

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  2. You just save my account man i forget my own password after resetting it my payment was on that account :P thanks Allot may God Always keep u happy

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